The story of Charis Standard Poodles began when I attended my first Poodle Club of America national in 1983 And I have not missed one since.The passion for poodles runs deep. As a young girl, I finished my first standard poodle in conformation. I qualified and showed at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club in Juniors. I apprenticed with some of the top handlers of the time and was exposed to standard poodles from many different pedigrees. It was from that background that I chose which pedigrees were the best.


The trifecta of poodle breeding is health, beauty, temperament.

There are many that achieve one or two, but three is rare. Consistently producing the trifecta is even more rare. Health is the selection of genetic components, some that you have control over through genetic testing, most that you have no control over. Beauty is, as it always is, subjective. An understanding, appreciation and adherence to the breed standard is the most effective route to the beauty goal. Temperament is the intelligence, the biddability, the sensitivity, the humor that only this breed of dog possesses. It is the reason that once one has had a standard poodle all other dogs are just dogs. Lovable and wonderful, but not standard poodles. Neither health nor beauty nor temperament is more important than the other in what makes a standard poodle a great standard poodle. Without health you will have a broken heart, exorbitant vet bills and an innocent creature that undeservedly will suffer. Without beauty you will have some ham bone headed clod or physically crippled animal. A standard poodle is a strong, graceful, athletic, eye catching dog. Without proper poodle temperament you would be missing out on the best of what standard poodles have to offer. Over the last 3 decades, I have on occasion had the trifecta and I have had to varying degrees more or less of each of the components of the trifecta. My goal is always the trifecta.


Currently they are raised with Welsh and Welsh cross hunter ponies in a rural/suburban environment. They ride along to carpool, they counter surf, they go on family vacations and they show in conformation with some interest in field work, agility and therapy. My poodles have garnered numerous accolades, but above all the poodles are family.